Thursday, December 11, 2008

a giveaway!

It's that time of year when I hang up the brushes for a little while. This has been another great year with all of you, and I'm looking forward to 2009!

Because you all continue to inspire me, I've got a surprise for you! I'm going to give away one of my new 2009 calendars, winner's choice of the Readers, Relaxers, or Modern.

To be eligible to win, just leave a comment and tell me what inspires you? What favorite chair of yours has yet to be painted? Which painting got away from you that you'd like me to revisit? What are some of your favorite colors, themes, styles? Any wild hair ideas?

Contest ends Thursday, December 18th at midnight Eastern time (one week) and I'll use to (randomly!) pick the winner. Winner will be announced Friday the 19th.

Please leave an email address with your comment so I can contact you if you win. If you email your comment, I will have to publish it to the comments section for you to be eligible.

AND! If I receive more than 25 comments, I'll randomly choose a second winner to receive a free print!

(Comments will be published as soon as I can get to them, so no need to try again if you don't see your comment come through right away.)



Jean said...


I love your paintings of chairs. My favorite of your chairs is the Barbara Barry (January 2009). I think I have a chair addiction! The last time I moved, the mover said he never saw one person with so many chairs.

To date, I have not purchased one of your paintings, but I hope to do so in the future.

Thank you for making me smile each time I get one of your e-mails

Laurie said...

Hi Kim! As always, I am totally gaga over your work and the calender is LOVELY. I think the print that most inspires me tonight (it changes every time I look at your work) would have to be Poser from Sept '08. It would look divine with my other 4 prints. (Which I get to pick up at the framer tomorrow!!!)

The other thing that would inspire me is to have you paint a chair with one of my chair print fabrics. Hope you're well!

dianag said...

Hey Kim - I was lucky enough to snag your Tulip loves Warhol and Egg loves Warhol paintings. What a combinaton - Warhol and chairs!! Love it!

I must admit that although I'm fascinated with the modern style -I am totally inspired by Anthropologie's chairs - they are truly works of art! Anthropologie's catalogs and window displays leave me in awe! Please keep painting those - I must have one for my collection!!

The calendars are so lovely!!!


Cynnie said...

Hi Kim,
Your work is so inspiring. I really enjoy the paintings including books,,,as I am a bookbinder and my studio would
love to be adorned with one of your calenders. I have a chair
fetish so as it is but when you combine the chair with the famous
painting...well,,it is just such a clever idea and you do it so well
and I love looking at them.
Thanks for the inspiration all this past year.

paperjunk-lc said...

I adore your chairs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a calendar.

mlessirard said...

I so enjoy looking it when you post the paintings. I studied art history in college, and then went on to be an interior designer...and well it's like getting schooled in both in a wonderful way.

I would love one of the calendars.

jblack designs said...

How fun of you!

I'm inspired by the unexpected. That's what your paintings are--the juxtaposition of things I wouldn't have thought of in ways that enhance them all.

I'd like to see a grandmother's rocking chair next to a Basquiat.

I love all of your paintings, but I regret not fighting for "Friends of a Feather II."

Favorite colors, themes, styles: To be surprised. I'd love to see more unexpected scenes from windows. Or books in unusual places. Or more birds. More YOU and your ideas.

We love you for them.


Mojito Maven said...

oo oo oo!!! enter me!!!!! well i LOVE ALL of your chairs (hence why I bought 11 prints haha), but my favorite is Summer...I LOVE the colors...I love how your paintings allw me to bring in color into my otherwise neutral setting...

have you painted a chinese chippendale chair? LOVE those...maybe in a fun red?

also you can email me at!

Emily said...

I love your artwork! I bought an ottoman from you before too, it's adorable.

I used to paint a lot and I really need to get back into it. Honestly, the one thing that inspires me the most to get back into it is Ebay and Etsy! :) When I realized years ago how many people sell their art on Ebay, I started to do the same. I have a tiny condo so my walls are already full - I needed to do something with the paintings I made. I got away from painting for a while, but after recently finding Etsy I am inspired once again :)

Dawnie said...

I am very drawn to interior renderings - I suppose because I am an interior design consultant? I find your artwork comforting... a slice of life captured on canvas. I'm inspired by your color combos, the composition of space and placement and the coordination between the furniture and the surrounding space. I've coveted MANY pieces in our gallery. I have a tendancy towards office space, therefore, desk chairs are my favorites. However, I love, love, love your marshmallow couch (Herman Miller by Nelson?) - I aspire to own one someday! So impractical, so funky, so LOVELY! Thanks for the great & inspiring artwork. I think it's ALL great!

ct said...

Hi Kimberly and Sharie! WHAT an exciting giveaway--I have been oogling over the calendars but my law school budget won't let me buy a gift for myself :)

My favorite painting is Bright Beaujolais b/c my addiction is having a nice glass of red wine after a long day. Bonus is when I've completed a legal memorandum and kicked butt on it! The chair pattern is comforting to me, a little zen, a little trendy. It's in my bedroom and every time I see it, I remember the calmness I feel when I've completed my task list and try to remind myself that everything passes in time.

Thank you, Kimberly, for all of your wonderful artwork and inspiration. It's beautiful. I cannot wait to give 3 of them for presents. Happy holidays!

Dori said...

I love your paintings and hope to buy some in the future! I have to say the wine series from 2007 has my favorite by far. Every single painting in that series was just beautiful.

penny nelson said...

I love all of your chairs but how about doing a red old fashioned step stool chair. Also what about incorporating a "paint-by-number" piece somehow. Orange and turquoise is a favorite of mine right now in the fabric world. Thanks for your talent.

heather said...

I was sorry to miss out on "Across the Universe". I have started an art collection for my ten year old son, so when it is time for him to leave home he will have something beautiful to take with him. He curenntly has three nice pieces but, not one of yours yet. Hopefully soon!!!

Ann said...

I especially love the art and chair match-ups. You do a great job of finding the combos.

But, my all-time favorite is the Andy Griffith ottoman.

Hope I win the calendar!

The ODD Squad said...

I stumbled across your site earlier this year and with your permission began using your pictures on my website and weekly newsletters. I know that my readers love your chairs as well as each week, I see that many of them have linked over to your site. I hope I have helped to be good for sales this year. Now, I need a holiday chair, could you get on that! :) JoAnne Lenart-Weary

Kara Weber said...

Hey Kim - I love your paintings, and I'm especially partial to the modern ones...the chair I haven't seen you paint yet that I LOVE is the Buttercup chair, designed by BluDot. We have a couple of them in our house, and they sum up our design aesthetic perfectly - modern, but warm and comfortable. I think that's what inspires me about your work - you cover the classics of modern design, but with a warmth and love of your subjects (objects?!) that conveys your passion. You manage to convey mood, spirit and most importantly, a bit about yourself and where you are each day in these works.

Treacy said...

Love, love, love your work!

moneythoughts said...

Hi Neighbor,

I have enjoyed seeing your work this past year. As an old artist myself, with a whole lot less talent, I can appreciate the skill and work you put into each piece. Everyone is so well done and beautiful. I love the way you bring together a chair and a painting in so many of your pieces. I wish you much success with your 2009 calendar. Have a great holiday.


Mary said...

Hi Kimberly:
I like the Bird on a Wire, Birds Love Nest Chair and The Nesters. I would like to see something more tropical or beachy (adirondack with beach towel).

Pam said...

As a longtime librarian and chair collector you must find it in your heart to send me one of your calendars. A friend presented me with a print of “Boobs”, which I love, and framed it in a nice pink tinged steel frame. As for chairs that need painted, I have a mod wicker chair, essentially two curved petals on metal legs. With a Calder mobile in the background it would be stunning.

n warner said...

You are so clever!!! I love your joyful juxtapositions of chair and
environments. Choosing the top tier
is hard......BUT I love Aubade. So romantic, yet dreamily austere.
I love your open windows in addition to the choice of chairs. I love the color raspberry....and lime "June issue?" for that matter. I am a very lucky woman to have bought some of your work!!! and they are cherished.

Hey, have you thought of bucket seats a la nasa cockpit? - with a view of the world outside? Perhaps a bit outta this world though.

I love your chairs in a natural setting...too.

But your chair/with a painting combo are stunning. Very, very clever.

You go girl. :-)

cin said...

Hi Kim, I found your website through the ODD Squad. I love to browse through your work to relieve tension from my day. I imagine myself sitting in each one and let the energy of each chair, color, and painting take me to another world. There are lots of journeys to go on as each one takes me to another place. My house is full of color and unexpected treasures to keep the spirit high and the soul refreshed. Your calendar would fit right in around here. Thanks so much for the adventures your art has taken me on!

Megan said...

Dear Kimberly,

I absolutely love your artwork! You are so talented! I enjoy visiting your blog to check out all of your new additions. I love all of your chairs, but my favorite has to be LOVE.

I hope your calenders are a big hit. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!


Megan :)

Liz Doyle said...

I adore your work. It is so nice seeing such beautiful pieces of art paired with a chair. They all have an awesome sense of humor matched with beauty. A great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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